There's an election soon for our climate future, and your voice matters!

It's a little nuts that our sunny state burns COAL!

Yes, the Salt River Project currently delivers nearly half our energy from coal and less than 1% from solar. We can surely do better—and we can use the extra shade!

  • Solar has become fully competitive with oil and gas, so let's move rapidly in that direction—including making it easier for homeowners and businesses to install solar. As for water storage and delivery, the Salt River Project is known worldwide for its brilliant planning and management. We need to keep to that high standard, with a wise eye to our changing climate. 
  • The SRP has always been the more affordable source of power, as it is a nonprofit organization of exceptional spirit and management. It is a regular recipient of the J.D. Power top award for customer service by a large Western electric utility (18 years running).  Keeping SRP power affordable and reliable means moving it away from coal as soon as possible, as the economic and political winds (and the climate winds) are shifting rapidly toward renewables. 

When you vote for the leadership of the Salt River Project, you vote for the Valley's future and, yes, the earth's climate. Got a few minutes to save the world? Here's how:

  • If you own a home or other property in the Salt River Project area (you get a power bill from them or you qualify for an annual rebate), you can vote by mail in the coming SRP election of board members. Some candidates, including Dennis Michael Burke, are running to move the SRP away from coal and toward solar and other renewable sources of power. He is running in the SRP's 6th district, which runs from the Arizona Canal in North Central Phoenix to the Salt River bed, and from 24th Street to 27th Avenue. This is a NONPARTISAN election. Click the bar below for information about the candidate, and for information on how you can receive your ballot—and make a big difference for the future of Phoenix and Arizona. 

The SRP is a big part of who we all are!

Thanks, Pima and Tohono-O'odham Communities!

  • We are one of the world's oldest continuously-inhabited river valleys, thanks to our Native founders who built a sophisticated canal system, beginning over 2,000 years ago. The same routes are in use. 

The Salt River Project saves what used to be annual floodwaters for our year-round living.

  • The safety of our dams is a critical responsibility of the SRP, protecting the lives and homes of Valley families. 

The coolest way to get across the Valley for over 2,000 years!

  • Priceless jogging, hiking & biking paths now, but once (and future?) tree-lined linear parks that helped cool the summer months. 

We are still a farm valley!

  • Our agricultural heritage keeps fresh food close to us, and provides important jobs and income to the Valley. The SRP is the lifeblood of this important part of our economy, just as it is for every homeowner with a water faucet. 

Climate change and politics

  • Politcal leaders come and go, but we can count on pressure to grow against carbon-based fuels, making them unavailable or very expensive in the near future. The time to begin cutting the carbon cord has come, especially now that the cost of new solar, wind and other plants have become competitive with coal and gas. Our future checkbooks, and our children's futures, depend on our foresight. Historically, the SRP has looked to the success and survivability of life in the Valley. The SRP is why we can live here. Its professionals know how to think long term. This election can assure that its board of directors supports that long-term planning. There are already several pro-renewable members on the 12-member board, and they have made great progress. This election will make the tipping-point difference. 

Vote, or find people who can!

  • If you own property in the SRP service area, please request a ballot TODAY.  If you don't own property in the SRP area (click VOTE image above for map), then please share this website with friends and family who perhaps can vote. Yes, it seems odd for there still to be an election where you need to be a property owner to vote, but the SRP goes back before Arizona statehood, to a time when the Valley's farmers mortgaged their lands to the federal government to secure funding for our system of dams and modern canals. Their votes were based on their acreage mortgaged, and that still defines voting rights today. 

Get an SRP vote-by-mail ballot

It just takes a few minutes to make a HUGE difference for our climate!

The Pro-Renewables Candidate for Central Phoenix is Dennis Michael Burke

He's running for the SRP Board from District 6, which is from the Arizona Canal in North Phoenix, to the Salt River Bed, and from 24th Street to 27th Avenue. There are some non-voting areas in the area, where APS serves (although, if those people get an annual SRP rebate, they can vote if they own property there). 

For info on other districts, or to volunteer, send a note:

Thank you for caring about Arizona and being involved!


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