Dennis Michael Burke

The genes and jeans have been around awhile

  • The photo is the Central Avenue Dairy, which was located where Park Central is today, on Central Avenue, between Thomas and Osborn. It was Dennis Burke's grandparents' dairy, on his mother's side. His grandfather, Jim Geare, a dairyman, is the fellow standing by the first milk wagon in the photo. He took time away from the family dairy to help build Roosevelt Dam when he was a young man. His brother Ed was later on the SRP board. Everyone knew that the future of the Valley, and of Arizona statehood, rested on the success of the Valley's visionary system of dams for flood control and water storage.
         On his father's side, the family first put down roots in Prescott in the 1870s. Dennis A. Burke, the candidate's great grandfather, was several times Prescott's mayor and a member of the Territorial Legislature. He built the Burke Hotel, which is now known as the Hotel St. Michael.
         The candidate's father and grandfather owned and operated the Beverly Burke Pharmacies in Phoenix, from the mid 1920s to the 70s.

Civic Background

  • Dennis Burke, as a volunteer, co-drafted the Phoenix Neighborhood Housing Code, which was the foundation of the City of Phoenix's effort to preserve and upgrade Phoenix neighborhoods. 
  • He helped lead downtown redevelopment efforts as chair and member of over twenty City committees tasked with that mission, under the Terry Goddard administration and subsequent ones. 
  • In 1985, as operations director for the Phoenix Association of Realtors and MLS, he originated the "I Voted" stickers in Arizona to encourage voting. 
  • Dennis M. Burke has no known relatives working for the Salt River Project. He has no investments or other interests (other than as a homeowner and citizen) that will prosper as a result of SRP actions or policies.  He is not accepting campaign money from the solar energy industry or any industry known to have a dog in this fight.  

Professional & Personal Background (a writer)

  • Dennis M. Burke, father of two, is a longtime resident of the Encanto neighborhood in central Phoenix, with his wife, Maureen. He is a Random House non-fiction writer and researcher, currently working on a book with the president of the World Bank.   

Who else is running for this seat on the SRP Board?

  • "Jack White Jr. is the long-time incumbent and is expected to run for reelection. He is a dedicated Arizonan, and, as a former SRP employee, knows the organization well. I'm running against him to encourage the greater use of solar and other renewable sources of energy as they become financially workable—an issue where the SRP board has taken controversial backward steps. Also, I am running to do my part to assure the next generations of Phoenix families will have the reliable water and power systems that remain the lifeblood of our community, just as leaders of a century ago did for us." —Dennis M. Burke