Dennis M. Burke: Candidate for the board of the Salt River Project

Salt River Project Candidates Shape Our Future

Salt River Project candidates

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Salt River Project candidates

Our Valley has a remarkable past. Now it needs a creative, responsible future!

  • Our Salt River Project today faces a rapidly evolving energy economy. We have the opportunity to move to more stable, more affordable renewable sources far sooner than anyone expected. Yet, SRP currently gets less than 1% of it's power from solar, and 48% from coal!. Even cloudy states do much better than that. With our sunshine, we should be the national leader.   

Water storage, flood control and clean energy!

SRP directors have a big responsibility to Valley families: the safety of our century-old dams, the health of the forests of our watershed (bigger than all of Vermont), and the environmental quality and affordability of our electrical power. 

Salt River Project Candidates

We live here because of the leadership of those who came before us. Now it's our turn to look to the future of our children and grandchildren.

Dennis M. Burke is running for the SRP Board from District 6, which extends from the Arizona Canal in North Central Phoenix to the Salt River Bed, and from 24th Street to 27th Avenue.

Salt River Project Candidates

Living here has its responsibilities.

It takes just a few minutes to register to vote in the SRP election, and to let your voice count. 

You don't have to care about solar to care about SRP's harm to Valley jobs

SRP's anti-solar policies mean that major tech companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Google and others, who care about reducing their carbon impact, are given a negative incentive from SRP for including solar energy on their facilities—a big reason not to select the Valley. We have also lost several thousand solar installer jobs. 

This looks like 1980, but it's today's SRP!

Salt River Project Candidates
Salt River Project Candidates

Making the best of scarred areas

  • Large solar arrays in remote areas (such as reclamation projects on abandoned strip mines and open pit mines) can be a smart source of energy for the Valley, providing affordable energy regardless of how carbon sources are taxed in the future. We can avoid the future shock of carbon taxes by diversifying our energy sources now.

Salt River Project Candidates

Distributed power, distributed peak loads

  • Residential and commercial rooftop solar installations, including parking lots, should also be encouraged. SRP currently discourages such investments by charging more per kilowat hour to such entrepreneurial customers for the energy they still need from the grid. The SRP is considered one of the nation's least solar-friendly utilities. We can change that, and we must.  

The SRP is a big part of who we all are!

Thanks, Pima and Tohono-O'odham Communities!

Salt River Project Candidates

  • We are one of the world's oldest continuously-inhabited river valleys, thanks to our Native founders who built a sophisticated canal system, beginning over 2,000 years ago. The same general routes are in use today. 

The Salt River Project saves what used to be annual floodwaters for our year-round living.

Salt River Project Candidates

  • The safety of our dams is a critical responsibility of the SRP, protecting the lives and homes of Valley families. The affordability of our water is key to our life in the Valley. Protecting our watershed forests (with cleaner air and proper management) is essential to the Valley's survival as a human community.

The coolest way to get across the Valley for over 2,000 years!

Salt River Project Candidates

  • Priceless jogging, hiking & biking paths now, but once (and future?) tree-lined linear parks that helped cool the summer months. 

We are still a farm valley!

Salt River Project Candidates

  • Our agricultural heritage keeps fresh food close to us, and provides important jobs and income to the Valley. The SRP is the lifeblood of this important part of our economy, just as it is for every homeowner with a water faucet. 

Climate change and politics

Salt River Project Candidates

  • Politcal leaders come and go, but we can count on pressure to grow against carbon-based fuels, making them more expensive in the near future. The time to begin cutting the carbon cord has come, especially now that the solar has become competitive with coal and gas. Our future checkbooks, and our children's futures, depend on our foresight. Historically, the SRP has looked to the success and survivability of life in the Valley. The SRP is why we can live here. Its professionals know how to think long term. This election can assure that its board of directors supports that long-term planning. 

Vote, or find people who can!

Salt River Project Candidates

  • If you own property in the SRP service area, please request a ballot TODAY.  If you don't own property in the SRP area (click VOTE image above for map), then please share this website with friends and family who perhaps can vote. Yes, it seems odd for there still to be an election where you need to be a property owner to vote, but the SRP goes back before Arizona statehood, to a time when the Valley's farmers mortgaged their lands to the federal government to secure funding for our system of dams and modern canals. Their votes were based on their acreage mortgaged, and that still defines voting rights today. How should SRP voting work in the future? That's a question being discussed more and more each year. What do you think?

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SRP Board Candidate for Central Phoenix: Dennis Michael Burke

He's running for the SRP Board from District 6, which is from the Arizona Canal in North Phoenix, to the Salt River Bed, and from 24th Street to 27th Avenue. There are some non-voting areas in the area, where APS serves (although, if those people get an annual SRP rebate, they can vote if they own property there). 

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Thank you for caring about Arizona and being involved!


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