How to be a voter in the Salt River Project election

Let's move this number:

We live in the Valley of the Sun, in the heart of sunny Arizona—but how much of the electrical power delivered from the Salt River Project (SRP), our largest water and power utility, is from solar energy? Remarkably, it’s about 1%. You can help turn this around for the sake of Arizona, the planet, and your family’s future! 

Who can vote for the SRP Board?

IF YOU RECEIVE A MONTHLY BILL FROM SRP and you own your home or other property within the SRP area, here’s what to do: Click the bar below and sign up with SRP to receive a ballot for its coming election of board members. Your spouse can do it too (if also on the deed), giving your family more voting power. You will each be mailed a ballot early in 2018, and, at about the same time, you will receive information in your mailbox from NEW candidates for the SRP Board of Directors who are dedicated  to moving SRP into the sunlight and out of the era of  coal and gas. BUT YOU MUST REQUEST A BALLOT IN ORDER TO VOTE IN THE SRP BOARD ELECTION!   

Don't let the form confuse you!

When you’re filling out the form, check both YES boxes in Section 2, which gets you on SRP’s permanent early voting list for Association and District elections. Disregard the blanks and 3 check boxes for Trusts, if that does not apply to how you own your property. The SUBMIT button is at the top of the page.  

Thank you!

Your local efforts  have global impact! A solar panel the size of an 8 1/2 x 11" piece of paper can generate as much power as 16 pounds of burned coal. When the SRP ballot is in your hands, however, it can do unimaginably more for our state and our planet. 

Special note: Some voters are in SRP territory, but get their power bill from APS

 If you get your power bill from APS, but you get (or are offered) an annual rebate from SRP, because you are in an area where APS delivers power in an SRP area of jurisdiction, then, yes, you can get a ballot and you can vote.